Hello Everyone!

It’s been soo long since the last time I wrote the last post here, but finally I have more time to sit down now and share many things again to you here on my website. And for those of you who’ve been following my Instagram (@sairanisar )  you probably knew already that I finally just launched my new baby, the thing I’ve been waiting for since forever, my makeup line called BOS (Beauty of Saira).


Way before I started off this business, I knew I always fall in love with makeup. To me makeup is not always about how you put on your mascara perfectly or what lipstick you should wear for today’s activity. But more than that, I feel like makeup is an essential thing to unleash your real personality. That is why, few years ago I took a makeup school in London and back to Indonesia to develop my own brand.


Usually, Indonesia’s makeup brand starts launching their product with lipstick, but Beauty of Saira’s kicks it off with eyeshadow palette. The reason is very simple, I believe that eyes are the first thing that everybody will see at the first place. ” Eyes are windows of your soul!”.

So, why not make your eyes look a little bit bolder before you start the conversation?

I put all together my interest on my eyeshadow palette, since you also knew that I love traveling so much. I named every shade with the destinations that inspired me during my makeup development. There are 12 colours you don’t want to miss. 6 shimmers and 6 mattes. And each of it represents what women these days need for their daily activity or a sudden girl’s night out. It took me 2 years to prepare everything until it finally launched four months ago. And I was pregnant during the process, so I wanted something safe for me. Yes, Beauty of Saira is also for Vegan and it is also cruelty free.

Through this post I truly want to thank each of #BOSBABE who have bought and reviewed Beauty of Saira. I personally want to hear more your reviews, keep me posted by tagging me on my social media platform or Beauty of Saira itself on @beautyofsaira If you want to buy this palette you can shop at our official website :

Promise to you for more updates about beauty, traveling, and fashion. See you on the next post.

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