Thank God, Trademark Market 10 was a complete success!!

I still can’t believe that Trademark Market has reached its 10th Event in 7 years!! The euphoria still feels amazing! 55.473 visitors in 4 days!

Running a big event like this, not only needs an intense effort, but also sacrifices to make. It was absolutely a challenging event. I have to make plans long before the event starts, recruiting the right persons so they can work with me in sync and make a good relationship with our vendors and sponsors too. Me and my team have been working nonstop for it. We’ve endured some hardships and arguing moments, but finally, the event ran successfully.

Other than being the Founder of Trademark Market and Starting a new brand called BOS, I’m also a wife and a mother of 2 children. Many times I have to sacrifice some of my precious time with the kids in order to maintain my team to work properly.

This Trademark Market is different from before. Regularly, it takes 4 months of planning before Trademark Market, but this time it only took 2 months. So all my schedule was so packed and everything seems to be in a rush! Because I have to make sure everything goes well in a shorter time.
Every Trademark Market always have a different experience and challenges. The story is never the same from one event to another but that’s what makes it so interesting! Without all this challenges, all the mistakes I make I will never learn. And experiences in doing so is what teaches us to be better in the future.


Also on this Trademark Market we decided to make a donation box for Lombok. On the last day of Trademark Market, there were 2 auctions for Lombok earthquake victims. One of our tenant gave 2 jackets to bid. I asked my son to make a bid. I wanted to teach him to be a generous person.

After many sleepless nights and restless efforts, this events finally over with flying colors. We were able to present an epic journey for our tenants and visitors to explore and support the local products.Lastly, my appreciations for all the Tenants who joined Trademark Market. Also to The Trans Luxury Hotel and our sponsors: Sirclo, The Kotak, Ultra Milk, Campina and Fuji Film. All the media partners: Ardan Radio, B Radio Urban FM, I Radio, OZ Radio, Hard Rock FM, Rase FM,, Info Bandung, Bandung Banget, Soca and Zomato. We wouldn’t be able to run this event without your supports.


We’ll see you on the next Trademark Market!!

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