All of you must have at least a piece of white shirt as your basic item, right? If not, well, you should go and make a purchase of a decent white shirt, now. It’s a good wardrobe investment for your lifetime, trust me. White shirt is very smart looking, timeless, and sophisticated, its versatility makes it able to be dressed up or dressed down. We oftenly wear it to the office, on a lazy Sunday, or just mix match it into several occasion. I personally love to keep it original while still looking elegant, and adding just a pinch of twist to my style, so the basic white shirt won’t appear plain anymore.



H&M shirt dress | silk sleeveless dress | Zara hat | Your Little Things earrings| Chanel backpack | YSL shoes | Rolex watch


Here are the little tips on how i style my white shirtdress:

1. Define your color mood
Monochrome tone is such a timeless elegance, you can never go wrong by wearing it. The monochrome colors are very easy to be paired you can do it with your eyes closed. A perfect match for the basic items.

2. Add accessories
Accessories really put a feel, sense, or mood to the plain outfit. In the pict, i prefer to simply pull off a hat, backpack, and watch to (again) clash the feminine and boyish – sporty look. Remember: wear something unexpected.

3. Attention to details
Do not underestimate a small detail. The detailing on clothes really put a flavor to a plain outfit. Rather then picking up a boring crisp long sleeve white shirt, go for a shirt with belt attached, puffy sleeve, oversized, unique buttons, asymmetrical, and many more. You can also play by the styling, such as tucking in half part of the front shirt, hang down shoulder on one side, or use the shirt as an outerwear. Be creative.

4. Heels
Just like what heeled shoes should do, they not only lift up for height but also lift up your total look. By wearing heels, you’re gonna look put together and good to go in a snap. Wear a comfortable one.
So, that was it, girls! I find it fun to play around basic items. It such an investment with limitless style potential.


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