Do you ever feel like tired of wearing sky high heels? Always go for flats or sneakers when you needed a break from heeled shoes. Your feet will thank you later. Doesn’t mean to scare you, but I think we all need to be concern of the side effects of heels so that we could pay attention of our feet more. Yes, the high heels do make you look sexier, taller, fierce, feminine, and boost your confidence, but there are always two sides of everything. Here are some of the – kind of negative – effects of high heels:

1. Ankle Sprains
The most common problems for every high heeled women, ankle sprains. You can successfully walk on high heels only on even surfaces, but on potholes, bumps, or cobblestones? Be ready to slip or fall at any time. Not only ankle sprains, a little fall can also lead to broken ankles, bruised elbows and knees.

2. Crooked Feet
Even the perfect fitted heels could cause a ‘hammer toe’ to your feet. This is one of the most dangerous side effects of high heels. The unnatural position of the feet, the strain on the calves, and blood vessel disorder leads to a deformity of the feet.

3. Increase illness
Needless to say that walking in high heels could cause muscle pain, leg cramps, and strain knee joints as well as the hip. Even on the worse case could increase a risk of osteoarthritis. Wearing even higher shoes can have a higher impact on your risk.



Zara hat | Givenchy sleeveless top | Itsaloes Outerwear and asymmetrical skirt | Rolex watch | Fendi sneakers.

Yet, if it’s necessary for you to wear high heels make sure your shoes fit properly, minimize the amount of time you have your high heels on, and massage your feet after each wear. The best advice I can give is to limit your use of high heels and wear comfortable shoes whenever possible, sneakers for example. Just as I did in the picture, i matched the sneakers into a masculine-sporty outlook. A little tip, wear a statement skirt to retain the feminine impression, besides, a clash of feminity from the skirt and boyish-sporty from the sneakers put out an unexpectedly stylish look. Then pull off your comfy top and outerwear. Last touch, an updated cap finishes it all. A monochrome tone also gives it a bold total look.
See? You still could look stylish while wearing sneakers. I hope you find these tips helpful for you. So try to put sneakers on this weekend, would you?


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