I guess…. I should start the “How To” topic on my Fashion section, what do you think? Anyway, last week I was running through my wardrobes, I feel like in the mood to wear something shiny, then I found this extraordinary sequin skirt, but have you ever feel confused to match your sparkly, blinky, sequin skirt yet you don’t want to look too much with it? Well, I got an idea for you. Actually there are several ways to dress down the sequin skirt so that it will look more wearable in the day time or in the night time.


1. Pair it with t-shirt
Like I wore in the picture, a t-shirt can be a good weapon to dress down a formal outfit. Just pair anything with t-shirt, then you will find a laid back kind of style. For example, a t-shirt with a blazer would be looking more relaxing and stylish than a ‘professional look’ with the shirt one. You better choose a plain color t-shirt, statement printed, or minimalist prints to pair with the sequin skirt.

2. Don’t overblink
It’s very wise to choose only one sequined item rather than putting too many shiny stuffs in your body. You don’t want people to be blind by all of the shine you put on. If you decided to wear a sequin skirt and you want to look semi-formal with that, then it’s better to avoid wearing silky clothes, big bold gold accessories, or glittery and shimmery items.Le Specs plum sunglasses | Saint Laurent t-shirt | Open Heaven Store sequin skirt | Celine clutch | YSL heels


3. Don’t show too much skin
Don’t wear a top with deep plunged neckline, backless top, or even tube top, unless you wanna go to a party. Those sexy outfits will make you look like ‘night out ready’ when you actually just want to look outstanding in a cocktail event or evening hang out with friends. That is why I choose a comfortable short sleeve top.

4. Less is more
So you gotta make the skirt as the superstar in your outfit. Since I wore a super fun colored sequin skirt, I better put the other outfits in monochrome tone. A simple black and white clutch, a designer white t-shirt, and leather matte black shoes are the soulmates. Well, a purple plum sunnies to finished up the look won’t be too much.

See, the key is to be brave to explore, find inspirations from everywhere, adapt it into your own personal style, and you’re good to go. Have a shiny day everyone!


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