All the ladies in the #pinkteam raise your hand! We’re on the same team then. If you notice on my social media i kinda have a thing on pastel colors. Pink to be exact. For me, pink represent feminity, love, sweetness, sensuality, and has a calming effect. No wonder in some parts of the world, pink often used as a symbol of love and caring, such as the pink ribbon that symbolize breast cancer, then as the brand color of Victoria Secret. Oh, and do you remember Carrie in Sex and the City or Elle Woods in Legally Blonde? They love fashion, smart, tough, yet frequently dresses in pink.
What cross in your mind when you look at a pink outfit? Well, don’t get lost. Everyone can pull off a good pink outfit if we mix and match it the right way and know what kind of character we want to flaunt. I know it’s a bit tricky to wear a monocolor outfit, so as a girlfriend, i can give you a little cheat on how to wear a pink outfit, or in my case, a pink suit.


1.Pastel colorblocking
Don’t be shocked. I know this advice sounds quite heavy to put in the list number one, but hey, let’s be playful with pastels. You must have seen someone on the magazine, runway, or on the street wearing 2 or 3 or maybe more of pastel hues but still look put together. It’s because those colors are actually work together. The key is, keep the cutting and detailing simple, then you can play around with pink outerwear, pastel yellow inner, soft blue bag, and put on mint pump heels.


2. Pink with neutrals
Okay, neutral color such as beige, nude, or soft brown also work really well with pink. Neutral color represent sensuality and masculinity at the same time, that somehow will balance the girly nature of pastels. Try pink outerwear with beige tube top, or lingerie style tank top, or pink dress with a pair of sexy pointed skin-color pumps.


Bershka suit | Dior sunglasses | Balmain t-shirt | Balenciaga clutch | Dior flat shoes

3. Pink with monochrome
You can just mix and match the look with the timeless monochromatic palette such as black and white, just like I did in the picture. You can never make a mistake wearing pink color with either black or white pieces, or even both colors at the same time. This color match will create a modern and polished look. As for white, it enhances the softness and femininity pink hues, at the same time managing to balance things out for more harmonious looks.

Bershka suit | Dior sunglasses | Balmain t-shirt | Balenciaga clutch

4. Minimalism at its best
Domination of pink color will reveal your “sweet” manner, so don’t overdo it. Pink suit or pink dress with lace details, cute headband, floral accessories, or big ribbon, maybe they’ll look good on the catwalk, but not on the street. I prefer to calm down my outlook by looking sharp with a dash of silver or gold accessories, simple flat shoes to ‘tone down’ the formal look into more casual vibe, and a sunglasses for a ‘slay’ effect.


5. Pink and prints
Last but not least, if you think plain colors is the only way to go with pink shade, you’re completely wrong! You can be more fun and playful by matching the pink outfit with prints. Pink clothes will gonna look intriguing and romantic with a combination of prints or patterns. Choose one of your best accessories to shout the statement out, such as floral printed pump heels, or art-deco bag, or printed inner clothes. Remember, once you pick one patterned item, keep the rest of the outfit as simple and as clean as you can.

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