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Here’s the thing, my wedding anniversary is coming very soon! It will be on the 21st October 2017. That’s why i decided to create a makeup look with sort of as the title says. Then why Indian? Well, i’m actually half British and half Pakistani, and my wedding was in Indian style. Before i start to talk about my tutorial, i would like to state a little disclaimer here. I will not be doing a heavy kind of bridal makeup look, because brides in Indonesia or in India still tend to choose a heavy makeup that covers their skin and change their whole face features. Yet, for me, i stay true and loyal in praising the natural kind of beauty. Even 10 years ago on my wedding day, i decided to put a make up look that is natural and making me look like just myself. Am i crazy? LOL. In my opinion, on the wedding day, you need to look like yourself in a more beautiful version, but not a different version. Well, anyway, every person is different. The choices are also different. Totally fine, though, if someone feel more confident with full and bold makeup on.

So guys, i’ll be showing you how i recreate my subtle wedding makeup look. Here are the steps:
1. To prepare the skin, i used Kora Organics Noni oil and mix it with Fresh (Lotus Youth Preserve) moisturizer.
2. Next, I mixed my two favorite foundations which are the Dior forever foundation and Hourglass Vanish stick in Warm Ivory. Then apply it all over my face. You can use a beauty blender or your favorite foundie brush. My fave? Beauty blender!
3. I used the NARS radiant concealer to cover my dark circle. Then i baked my under eyes with Laura Mercier translucent powder.
4. Then, i used a cream contour to sizzle my cheekbones and my nose to correct the shape. I used the COVER FX creme contour kit for this one.
5. Set my face with Charlotte Tilbury airbrush powder.
6. Then again i applied contour on my cheeks with Kat Von D contour palette to set those creme.
7. Next, i applied the blush in NARS, Orgasm.
8. For the eyeshadow game, i used the Juvia’s Place, Masquerade Palette. First, prime the eyes with nude or white base eye primer. I took shade Fulani as the eyeshadow base all over my lid and creating the cat eye eyeshadow shape.
9. Then i took shade Burkinia to darken my outer corner, dragging to the crease line as well.
10. Next, i wet my flat brush with Urban Decay setting spray to intensify the shimmery shadow, then i took shade Casablanca and put it on my eyelid.
11. Still, with a wet brush again i mixed shades Dahia and Giza then put it on the center of my eyelid to make it pop.
12. For eye brows i used my oldie but goodie Brow Wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills and set it with the clear brow gel. You can use any clear brow gel you prefer.
13. I didn’t use strip lashes for wedding day because i don’t want the glue side to move later on, so i used the individual lashes from Ardel. No need to worry about the lash glue coming off.
14. Next, i used mascara from Dior, Diorshow and Benefit, Roller Lash. Yes, i mixed them, cause i can.
15. A little highlight won’t hurt, right? I put The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in mix shades of sunburst and bubbly on the cheekbones, under eyebrows, and bridge of the nose.
16. I used Mac in Soar as a lip liner, then applied Charlotte Tilbury in shade Miranda May for the lipstick.
17. Lastly, set my whole face with Urban Decay, All Nighter setting spray.
18. Done!


I didn’t use lot’s of glowing products, because i wanted the skin to be more matte looking. On the wedding day we tend to sweat, so if the base was already too glowy, then it’ll mix with the sweat and it’s going to look even more sweaty. We don’t want to ruin our wedding pictures, right? Oh, to complete the whole look, don’t forget to put accessories. Believe it or not, accessories are very useful to embrace the bride’s enchanting aura.


So, that was it guys! I hope you like it. Hope i gave you some inspiration, whether for your wedding makeup or for your party makeup look perhaps. I’m really open for any suggestions, ideas, or comments. Tell me, please, another interesting makeup look i should make. See you on my next post! Remember, “Beauty begins at the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel.












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