Hello everyone!
Finally I’m able to sit down and do the things that I’ve been missing: writing, and sharing things with you guys again. I have been away for the past few months because of some reasons. I have been busy preparing for my upcoming big project, and, Uhmmm…another thing is, i just lost my beloved little brother. He just happened to have this motorcycle accident on 17th July 2017, yet he was just 17 years old. So, yeah, It took some time to grief about my youngest brother.
I know, i know, it was kind of tough months, but to believe that he is peacefully staying in heaven now kind of put me at ease. Live must goes on and keep moving on.

Anyway, speaking about moving on, let’s move to the things that I currently love. I’m in love (and always been in love, I think) with any warm tones eye shadow. So I thought “How about making this eye make up look?”. Inspired from the sunny beach that kissed your skin making the sexy burnt and tan look. For this look, i’m focusing on popping the eye make up, leaving the other parts on my face still in neutral colors.

Here are the little steps:
1. First i prime my lid with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden, because, patchy skin? No good
2. Next, set my eyes with a loose powder (you can choose any loose powder that suits best with your skin tone)
3. After that, I use the Nubian By Juvia’s Palette. I use the orange shade from this palette and put in on my entire lid then start building up the color until I satisfy with the boldness that i want to achieve. I applied the eyeshadow in a cat eyes shape
4. Drag the same color from the eyeshadow and apply it on the bottom side of the eye. Apply just a sheer color and only until the center of the eyes, approximately
5. Put a bit highlight on the inner corner of the eyes
6. Then put a highlight on the corner of the eyebrows to make the enhance the eyebrow shape
7. Naturally fill in the eyebrows with a touch of brown color
8. Lastly, curl and put a mascara on!

Voila! That’s it! I mean that’s main point on this look. For the basic step, well, i simply just put a foundation and powder. For the rest, i don’t know why i really praise natural look so i never overdo my eyebrow. I just brush it and fill the brows as needed and not coloring it until it looks extra bold and thick. For the cheek, i prefer a flawless glowing skin this time, so i just splash a highlight on my cheek-bone also to add a bit glam. For the lips, i put on a velvety nude color to keeping it humble and so that my lip color won’t distract the whole look.

See, easy peasy, right? You can also recreate this make up if you wanna steal the look. A little tip here, if you want to get an extra pigmentation, spray a little bit of Mac Fix Plus or any setting spray to your favorite blending brush. The wet brush combining with the dust from your eye shadow will make the color looking more intense.

Alright, now a little talk about this Juvia’s Place palette. I’m quite sure you have seen this palette on instagram, on youtube, or maybe in real life. I purchased the Nubian palette and seriously, this is such a nice palette with neutral warm tone colors. The pigmentation is so good and does not have a lot of fall out. The packaging? No need to say, the compact magnetic board, the vivid teal color, the cute Nefertiti drawing on the cover are all ugh-mazing! Moreover, the Nefertiti herself, she represents empowerment, culture, and beauty (just like me. No? Haha. Kidding!)

Kay, enough talking. So how do you think about this look?


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