Eid~ ul Fitr. It is a time where we can share everything with our big family. When everybody seems like having a good time and very intimate. No wonder each of us always prepare everything to celebrate Eid itself. And I’m also the one who is very excited about it. With all the chat-and-go situation that will happen during Eid days, here I’m going to share the makeup look and outfit I’m going to wear on Eid day. For this year I choose not to put on the heavy makeup, but instead I’m going with a soft wing liner makeup. But before we’ll get to that, there is some treatment that I always do the night before Eid day.

Since I believe that a good skin is a good makeup, I like to put my effort for my skin care. Like putting on the sheet mask and of course moisturize my skin the night before Eid day. And special for this year’s Eid I’m going to use Sephora Rose Sheet Face Mask. Which is good for hydrating my skin.

The next morning, I will choose a soft day time makeup that last all day! This look came up with a reason, because we have so many places that we should visit, such as like relative’s houses and plus the weather can be so hot.  That is why a simple makeup look and minimalist outfit are the perfect match.

For the outfit itself, I like to wear something that is so minimalist I wear a white kaftan from @elv.label on the first day of Eid.  Choose also the simple accessories to neutralize your look. Here is some makeup and outfit guidance for your perfect Eid. Hope it helps you to choose what kind of makeup look and outfit style you will wear on this intimate day.

I choose more Casual Look for Day 2 of Eid. I am wearing Top from @officialrurik , Pants from @Mesz_id. Hermes flat shoes and match it with my Gucci Bag.

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