Bandung once again never fails anyone with its creativity potential. It’s proven because I can’t stop discovering new brand with new concept. As the one who really loves fashion, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite brands from Bandung. The one and only Xusha.

Xusha provides the joy through little things that all the vibrant women need. Do you know what Xusha means? Xusha means Queen in Spanish. Xusha for the first time was founded in Bandung, On may 2016 by Ruri and Tammi, that really puts a priority on boho-chic specialty design.

If we take our self out to zoom out what really this brand wants to share, here we go.

Xusha tries to bring the bohemian spirit simply to create pieces with full of freedom that are really timeless, luxurious, and sophisticated. That’s why they deliver it through combination of colors and effortless design that will lead every woman from pretty to be bold. And of course, this is all hand-crafted product which I really love because I’m so excited to wear a brand with the value behind the product. I choose earrings and the sandals from Xusha because those things are to die for. Please yourself by taking a look at their design @xusha.id

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