When fashion meets function, I think that is truly what breakthrough means. It’s not always about how to make you look good, but also how to warm you up. Yes, I’m talking about the Uprising brand and that is Pattent Goods

Pattent Goods was established in mid 2014 it’s based in Bandung. They give more aesthetic through the socks and versatile blanket. What I like about this brand is how the way they deliver their visual that will absolutely please your eyes. Not only that Pattent Goods always comes with the best pattern that you rarely see. You’re right, because they design all the patterns by themselves.

Through the visual amusement, they always give Pattent Goods will always give you the satisfaction of the harmonized detail to be seen by others. They simply believe that people’s eyes won’t lie especially when it comes to fashion. I simply love it, because this brand gives what I need and very related to my personal style.

I give myself the socks and the blanket, because these are all the most highlight product and I think you should buy yourself one. Because it’s all worth it. Just for the record, Patten Goods has always been becoming one of the loyal tenant that always joins our festival at Trademark Market Bandung, yep not only this year but every year. And also their blanket is always in my car to warm me up everywhere I go. The socks is very light, so if you like thick socks you might not like them, but if you prefer light socks like me, their socks is your new best friend.

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