Black Summer

Summer is always identical with something that can brighten up your mood, but what if you want to still look fierce without even leaving the essence of summer itself? Fashion has always been changing from time to time, but the only thing who is eternal is your style. I heard there is a summer festival that will happen in this near month, and to those who know what it is, summer festival is the occasion when everybody expresses themselves, unleashing their state of freedom, or it’s simply a place for having fun all day long, with the music that we can always dance on.



I choose black outfit with a touch of summer detail in my dress from Asos, and don’t forget to mix it up with something gold-ish for the accessories to give a touch of classy. Choose the shoes that fit you best cause it’s going to be a long fun day. If you are not really into dress but still demanding something flowy I also will give you the second look for this summer festival outfit. I think Kimono will be great, because it looks effortless but intimidating at the same time, and for this look I choose a kimono from Zara. You can also add up a leather shoes and chocker to neutralize your look to be more outstanding.

That was the 101 music summer festival from me, there is two looks you can pull off. Just choose which look do you think will set you free. But first, are you #TeamDress or #TeamKimono for this look? Leave on the comment below.

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