The Untold Story Behind TRADEMARK MARKET 9th

It felt just like yesterday that euphoria we had at Trademark Market Bandung who we successfully held at The Luxury Trans Hotel. But then I realized it’s passed for a week. Did you come? If you did you must know how crowded and fun it was. I’m so grateful to have 58.226 visitors in the whole four days. Not only that, I also felt happy enough to launch my own personal website Well, it looked so fun, but I’m going to tell you a little story about what really happened before Trademark Market was opened.



As you may know, running this big event is really far away from “easy”. Because I personally needed to organized all the things with my team. It was really hectic, though. This event has been prepared for about six months. I had an endless head-to-head arguments with my team, I discussed about which venue that should be used with my team, attended million meetings, meeting with new vendors, new tenants, and other stuff like that. It was a super long busy time that I always have to deal with every year, but in a good side I always love doing these things. Because I simply love my job. And thankfully, I always have my family and close friends who always get my back to support me in my busy times. As a mother with a career, it’s not easy to divide yourself as two, in other side I have to be a mom and a wife, that means I need to fulfill what my family needs from my role at home, but at the same time all the things that I had with Trademark have to be done immediately. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel right but thank God, either my husband and my beloved son give their endless support for me. When the loading-in night, I still remember that my son really wanted to go with me. At first, I did not say yes, but then my son insisted me to go to the venue. Long story short, I finally went to the venue with him. Time was ticking until the midnight came, he was still being nice to everyone he met out there, and when I passed the glance on him he fell asleep on the hotel couch,  it was around two in the morning by the way. Until around five, I took him home and prepared to drive him off to school.




The story is not over yet, due to sleepless night I had, I still had to maintain myself to look fresh, all the time. Because I should jump to one place and another, met the medias for interview or simply to meet the people who are related to my event. This is that I always keep in my mind, no matter how tiring my days were, I don’t want to look tired or not fresh, because I always want people who meet with me feel appreciated by my appearance. Hopefully this could be something that we can always remind in our minds. And I believe you are just like me.


But it was paid off when the day came, I thought everything was fine, until one of my team said that the mall management complained about the crowd we had. We were overwhelmed by the the line who was that long. Because we had the system to open-close the gate, just to make sure that everyone who came can still enjoy the venue. I even let myself out to help my team, helping to organize the crowd until it finally under controlled. But as the time went by it’s all worth it by looking at the smiles that during the event. I saw people happily came by, shopping, and hung out with their friends. I also saw all the tenants had fun while they were introducing their brands, and I also I bumped with some tenants who said to me directly about how happy they were because that was their first time to be in this local brands party event. Just want to tell you that this story will be also up on my own Youtube Channel very soon. This is new thing for me, because I’m going to unveil the untold story you’ve never seen before.



Trademark Market Bandung again and again appeared not only a party for the local brands, but it’s also a full one-stop entertainment place and also a creative art space.With all the things we’ve presented for this event, I humbly would like to thank all the 160 tenants who joined this event, all the sponsors Teh Kotak, Ultra Milk, Biore, Fujifilm and Campina. Also the media partners Barbersixx, Ardan Group, Radio B, OZ Radio, Hard Rock FM, I Radio, 99ers Radio, Urban FM, InfoBDG, Seputar Event,Sky Bdg, and Trans TV. And our special partner GO JEK Indonesia. Last but not least The Trans Luxury Hotel. This event wouldn’t be this big without you. Yes you, the one who’s reading this. Thank you so much, see you on the next Trademark Market Bandung.



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