Bandung always comes with its innovation, from fashion to culinary. If you happen have heard about TASTEMARKET Bandung, you must be quite friendly enough with its euphoria, when most people gather in one place to show their love and passion to food. TASTEMARKET Bandung is an annual food festival that is intended to everyone who loves food, specifically this is a platform for food-trepreneur to make a showcase for their own product. And there’s one person behind this event who always elaborates her idea and creativity potential that Bandung always has. Saira Nisar comes up with this idea because she wants to make a platform to connect the food maker and the food lover in one place. More than that, she also wants to give an appreciation to the food makers all over Bandung for their creativity that they always put in their masterpiece.


TASTEMARKET Bandung for the first time was held in 2013 at Paris Van Java. Since the first time it was held, TASTE MARKET once again repeated its success as TRADEMARK Market did. And since that year, it is also an annual event that is filled Bandung calendar event. And once again TASTEMARKET Bandung is intended to those who live a tasty life and always love the variety of the taste.


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