As a founder of TRADEMARK Market Bandung, I personally would like to thank everyone who keeps supporting me since the first time it’s been started. If I could recall my very  first experience to make this event, it’s hard to believe that TRADEMARK Market now has reached its 9th sequels. Since the first time I planned all of this, It’s funny that everything seems get bigger now. I still remember back in first year of TRADEMARK Market, I tried to gather 100 local brands without any experience in event organizer, and for the record, the proposal that we made was crafted by a junior high school student. Turns out, we successfully invited 50.000 visitors for the very first time. With every theme that we always put in every year in TRADEMARK Market, we always gave different vibe that always made you interested and excited to come to our event. And for this year, TRADEMARK Market will come back on 4th-7th May 2017 at The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung. We present TRADEMARK MARKET: THE 9TH SEQUEL by showing you more than 100 curated fashion tenants along with Food & Beverages. No wonder that TRADEMARK is a spotlight for entertainment, hobbies, and lifestyle.



Get ready to be a part of the euphoria, because we bring up “Movie All Era” as our big main theme. This idea came up because I believe that every big movies always come with its big ambition, so that the preparation have to be perfect , and just like the famous movie for all time, TRADEMARK MARKET will be remembered as one of the phenomenal event that you always can cherish on. Because it will feel so everlasting.



If you realize, every year TRADEMARK MARKET has always its campaign that’s called #supportlocal. Back in few years ago, I got inspired by Kate Middleton who‘s at that time took a role as a fashion icon. So everything she wore will become a trend.  Something crossed in my mind, what if this local brands can be worn by celebrities or internet famous? So it will help them to raise the awareness of their brand.  Five years ago, this campaign was started, with the message that we put on the tshirt, it suddenly went viral. And the most important thing, #supportlocal has been viral all over the internet and hopefully it can raise our awareness to love the local brands more and support them. More than that it also can encourage the brand owners to keep the quality and their brand story. And for this year’s design, we put a little touch of a well-know  movie graphic through the t-shirt.

Make sure you take a part of the biggest local brand market in Bandung, don’t miss it be a part of the history. Support your local brands now, tell everyone you know, and let’s have fun on 4th-7th May 2017 at The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung.


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