Monochrome 101

Monochrome seems like to be an “uniform” every time you feel doubt picking which color you should wear for your daily wear. It happens to everyone I guess, including me. Black and white for me is a representation of boldness, because in life there is only right and wrong. In the other side, monochromatic look is safe, timeless, sophisticated, and classy, also this look can be pulled off in every situation. Speaking of trend, monochromatic seems never to be out of trend, because basically everyone has at least one white shirt and black outfit in their wardrobe. Some may say that monochromatic outfit can be boring, but I could say, It depends on how you mix and match your outfit, all you need is simply to combine the texture of your outfit so you can make the contrast of your look. If you are still figuring out how to pull off this single-hue, this one will help you out.



Monochromatic look seems so fun to be explored, there’s a challenge to not making it to be “common look”. As the one who really loves fashion, it’s good to invest on some little thing that you will might need in the future. Such as like jewelry, scarf, or maybe clutch in a way to support your monochrome look. This look could be tricky, there’s only two ways to handle it. First, find a different texture of your outfit or you can put a little thing around your white collar shirt, such as like scarf with pattern. This pattern on your scarf can be something you can call statement, because everybody will catch it first as the first they look at you and then the will be focusing on your monochrome look. Playing with shade is so fun, you should try it!


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