What’s Trending : Gucci Belt

Your closet has seen trends come and go, and the one who always stays is your basic outfit. You can never go wrong with your white shirt, blue jeans. Basic style will never go out of style, its long-lasting vibe also emphasizes your chic look. I always see basic style can be that versatile in every situation. You will look edgy in the meeting and at same time as you leave your meeting room you can still look casually edgy. But there’s a little touch you can’t forget when you go with your basic look, you can add up a gucci belt because it will give you a little touch of neatness  as you tuck in your shirt to your jeans. Because every style needs a little statement to tell.  If you still keep the things that I’ve mentioned in your closet, please keep it. Because basic look will always save you from the unwanted trend that you think won’t fit in you.  Remember, when you’re confused, just go to the basic.


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