Uprising Brand : Yourhands

Local brand has always its own signature to be adored, as a founder of TRADEMARK Market Bandung, I always get inspired by each local brand that exists in Bandung. They are the reason why I keep sustaining it and make it as an annual event in Bandung. Bandung creativity potential always gives something that is unforgettable to be cherished on. And in this post, I’d like to introduce the uprising accessories brand from Bandung that is known as YourHands. YourHands is a handmade jewelry that is treated as a piece of art that has been founded by Alisa Melia. I can agree on that, because accessories does really matter for women, a little touch that can change the impression of your look. As the one who loves accessories I could say that YourHands always has its own unique shape that gives you a little touch of elegance. Turns out, YourHands has been started everything off since 2015. In their very young age, YourHands already have a place in women’s heart, including me.



A little tips for you to apply YourHands as your daily wear, always choose the simple outfit and mix it up with neutral color. Why do you need to go simple? Because the earrings already give you a bold statement, so in my humble opinion, don’t let everything you wear stands out, because it will make people figure out which statements are you going to tell. Keep it simple, because less is more.


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