Uprising Brand : Mesz

A brand that has a story and a core purpose will be always grabbing everybody’s eyes. I always get my eyes on those typical brands who don’t only sell the product. Because to me personally fashion and style are very personal things. If I feel related to the brand, that means the brand provides what I need based on my personality. Another uprising brand from Bandung that I’m going to talk about is Mesz.


Mesz is a clothing line based in Bandung that has been established in 2015 by Messa. The minimalism concept that they always try to explore never fails me. Their consistency to develop minimalism through the visual and design will make everyone who wears it become more confident to be themselves. Why? Based on what I know Mesz has a core message that says “that style is a deeply personal expression of who you are and every time you dress you are asserting a part of yourself.” In other words, Every design that they put through the design is simply a reflection of our personality and sense of style. And through its new collection Mesz brings more simple vibes, and it gets fresher than before.


Because I love Mesz, I present three looks of myself wearing Mesz so this can be your references of digging minimalism. Or maybe, for those of you who have worn Mesz, I’d love to see your look, so don’t be shy to share it to me by tagging myself on Instagram (@sairanisar).


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