London Calling (2016)

I never thought that I would love traveling this much, everyone says as you go once traveling you will get addicted to it. I can proudly say, that’s true. Back in 2016, I decided to go to London. My dad lives there. Okay, I don’t really share my personal life on social media, basically my parents got divorced way before I was even born, so I most of the time I spend and share everything with my mom. 2016 got me thinking that I had to spend the time with my dad who lives in London. I decided to go to London for Ied, I think that was the perfect time because it’s a time when everybody gathers all around your house, so intimate and so lovely. Since I decided to go to London, I knew that it will be quite long, I stayed there for three months.


Right before I booked the ticket to London, something crossed in my mind that said “what am I going to do for the whole three months?” as I figured it out, I remember that I always have a big passion in fashion and makeup. I have studied Fashion in Lasalle College Jakarta, but I have never studied Make Up before. So, i decided to also look for Make Up courses to go to while I’ll be in London. Instead of taking short courses I ended up joining one of the Best Makeup School in London, Glauca Rossi Make Up School. This was the school where Legendary Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury studied. I was also so excited to find out that I was the first Indonesian student who studied there after 20 years.


I thought, the makeup class would be that easy and relaxing, but then it wasn’t, yep it wasn’t. Why did I repeat that? Because I was taught by the best makeup artists in London who have handled the professional actress, also I’ve been told that my teacher has been working as a makeup artist for more than 20 years. I mean, how can you wish something “relaxing” in the class if you are taught by those kind of professionals. I had so much amazing experiences while studying make up in London, besides getting the best makeup tips and tricks from the Pros, I also got the chance to make new friends. Some of my classmates were from Switzerland (Annie) ,UK (Georgia) and two Indian Friends (Priyanka and Tashia) . And We still keep in touch until now.



I spent 2,5 months in  Glauca Rossi School of Makeup, but I stayed in London for three months. At first, I stayed with my aunt but then I thought why I didn’t try to explore London specifically, all by myself, and also my aunt’s house was quite far away from my school. So I finally decided to move to the apartment that I rent with my makeup-class fellows. I learnt a lot of things since I tried to pull myself out of my comfort zone, there is so many things that changed my life. Even though sometimes it makes you miss your family so much. And it’s normal, it happens to those who live far away from their family. But, I proudly can handle it.



I could say London is one of the best countries I’ve ever visited in my life, because I made a history that hopefully will lead myself to my own dream. I got inspired by so many things, lets say Borough Market—my dad showed it to me. Borough Market is the oldest food market that has been establishing for so many years, it inspired me because I love to see how it smells, how people interact to each other, and how people use it as a platform of connecting to each other. It inspired me a lot because I run TRADEMARK MARKET & TASTEMARKET Bandung event, so from that I always tried to put some essential things to my annual events that I felt at that time. London was one of the best trips I had, and I feel like London will always be my second home



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  1. Priyanka Singh

    Hey Saira, finally got the time to sit back and enjoy your blog. It is so much fun. And its totally you. Classy and cool. Loads of love from India. Keep updating,
    Priyanka(new delhi) Chopra 😉

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