Discover New Things in Maldives (2017)

From Indonesia to South Asia, Maldives. It’s one of my bucket lists that I finally checked and I’m so grateful for that. I’ve been told that Maldives is as beautiful as it is seen on the picture. For so many years I always wanted to go there, and I finally did it. As I arrived at Male airport  it was midnight already, so we stayed in a hotel near airport for a night.


Then first thing in the morning after breakfast, we went to the hotel by the sea plane. at first I was so scared ( I am really scared of planes or height) but as soon as the plane took off I was amazed by the beautiful island from above. It took me 30 minutes to get to the Rangali Island.


I stayed in the best hotel with the beach view in front of it plus I also had a private jacuzzi near the view. I was too excited as I arrived to the hotel, without further ado, I jumped myself to it in away to relax myself after a long flight. As I stayed there for around 15 minutes, my husband was shocked and he kinda screamed (not with a high pitch), and said that my skin got burned. I was shocked too and confused to be honest. How can my skin get burned in 15 minutes when I waited for four days to get tanned back in when I had my holiday in Bali. At this point, life is just so funny. I never thought how the weather was going to be, Maldives is way too sunny so please don’t forget to bring the sunscreen if you plan to go to Maldives.



But I could say it was all worth it, I mean Maldives always offers something beautiful, eye pleasing, and relieving yourself from all the hecticness. One of the best places called Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, from its name you already guessed that it is an underwater restaurant. My husband and  I were so happy and simply mesmerized by all the beauty and vibe that I’ve never experienced before. That was a new thing for us having a very best dish among all the fishes that watched you while they’re living their lives. Discovering what’s beyond the world that we usually see is what I always look for in traveling.



The beach itself is crystal clear, the island provides so many activities for you, from diving until swimming with sharks. I spent 3 days in Maldives , I thought it’s enough but when i was in Maldives I realized it was not enough. I spoke to a Germany girl who spent her holiday in Maldives and she stayed for 10 days.


My friend Aimee Juliette, advised me to bring lots of food, because  I think the food is quite pricey. But doesn’t mean you don’t have to taste all the foods from there. Be wise on spending your money to food, because there is so many things you can try on in Maldives. From one to ten I could say Maldives is 9,5. It suits you best if you want to escape from your activity for awhile. I can’t wait to be back sometimes. And explore more things in Maldives.



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