A Little Throwback to Japan (2015)

I do traveling a lot, but Japan was my first trip without my family. It felt kind of strange at the first when I did it, but then it was so fun because I went to Japan with my three best girls. It was one of the moments that changed my life for real. How big did it change time? I could say it’s bigger than I thought. We had a very good time in Japan, we explored things that we never found in Indonesia, well I guess that’s the essential thing from traveling, but more than that I was so amazed by one of my best friends, Marissa Nasution. She was the captain of the trip, can you imagine none of us speak Japanese, the signs are written in Kanji, but we kept exploring things.



What changed me the most was how we survived without even speaking Japanese, and Marissa herself. She is trained to be the real survivor in traveling, she is even able to carry 30 kg suitcase, but me? I never had a chance to carry my own suitcase up and down the stairs, I walked slowly, and they walked that fast, but they never left me behind. They called me granny, because of that thing, but I admitted, yes I walked that slowly. What changed me was that I had to push myself to be able to carry all of my things and stop making them worry about my slow motion, and to always stick together. Because real friends never leave you behind See, that’s why I love traveling, simply to find and redefine myself through all the experiences I’ve been through.



But then overall Japan was that great, I went to Fuji Mountain. That was one of the best moments in my life, it was all so refreshing and kinda moved me in different way. What made this trip more interesting was we dressed in Kimono as Geisha and Maiko. I could say, Japan is very highly recommended for you, it’s very strongly cultural and it suits very best for you who want to have a Girl’s Trip with the ones you loved



What’s your best experiences travelling with your girl friends? Please share, I would like to know..

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  1. Marissa LN

    Awwww!! 😍❤ such an amazing flashback read! And looking at all the photos makes me want to go back so badly! We have to do it again babe! Much love, congratulations to your website! 💋 The robot

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